Advanced Analytics

Build models and predict the behavior of your business variables through Advanced Analytics and Data Mining. Descriptive and predictive modelling provides insights that drive better decision making. Now you can streamline the data mining process to develop models quickly, understand key relationships, and identify the patterns that matter most.

Our consultants will help you formulate the model, train and apply to your use scenarios. Through world leading analytics software, our Partners and us will offer the following benefits:

• Build better models with the best tools. Dramatically shorten model development time for your data miners and statisticians.

• Empower business users. An easy-to-use GUI steps them through a workflow of data mining tasks. Analytic results are displayed in easy-to-understand charts that provide the insights needed for better decision making.

• Improve prediction accuracy. Share reliable results. Easily compare predictions and assessment statistics from models built with different approaches by displaying them side by side.

• Automate model deployment and scoring.

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