What do we do?

We architect and deliver IT solutions that contribute to our customers businesses growth

Since 2004

Where are we going?

We head towards becoming our customers preferred alternative to deploy big data, processing, storage, backup and high availability IT solutions in 2018, either inside or outside their own datacenter.

Why us?

Our professional work team is commited to the edge technologies we represent and they are fully capable of deploying IT solutions that protect data and guarantee IT platforms high availability for their business. For more than 10 years we have been able to position our solutions and services in strategic customers of the Financial, Telecommunications, Health, Services and Government industries.

Our Experience

More than 500 successful projects

Up to 200 servers managed per project

More than 8000 hours of support assistence

More than 4 PB managed per project

Up to 25000 backup jobs and restores per project

SAS Team


Ma. Emilse Palacios

During my career in SAS, performing different roles from consultant to my current position as CEO, I have been part of a great team that has built a company supported in knowledge and values that enable us to provide solutions in the IT arena delivering high quality services, deriving in satisfaction for our customers, with whom today we continue to grow together.


Luis Javier Gómez

By adapting to the requirements of our customers, we have evolved our company over years. From being a professional services company we have transformed ourselves to be also an IT solutions provider. We have innovated in our services and our processes and we are guiding customers into the Big Data era.


Pedro Jaramillo

I have over 25 years of experience in IT and I have worked in positions from operator to Implementation and Support Area Manager. From my point of view, one of the main priorities for SAS is its customers. We permanently look to provide them total satisfaction which for us it means working with the highest standards of excellence, thus generating long-term relationships.


Gloria Cuberos

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, I lead the area of Marketing and Alliances, communicating the value proposition of our brand to customers. I lead the process of involving new manufacturers that add value to our portfolio and enable us to fulfill our mission. I am proud of our team that has acquired different qualifications and experience to better serve our customers and differentiate our offer from that of other IT integrators.


Gonzalo Gómez

Today I work with a team of professionals whom I have managed to care about the relevance of aligning architectural IT designs with business objectives, being able to propose, implement and support platforms that provide scalability, availability and continuity of IT services. After implementing our technology solutions, we have found that the processes of our customers always improve in direct alignment with what they are looking for their businesses


Carlos Arturo Escobar

I lead the IT Administration Area, keeping customers operating platforms high availability levels and service. I have over 13 years of experience in IT and work with a team of professional experts seeking continuous improvement and strengthening confidence in each of our clients. The company always has my unconditional commitment to achieve our goals and objectives in different sectors of the economy.


Rafael Zambrano

With the experience gained over the years, perseverance, responsibility and commitment to each of our customers I have brought forward important projects in South America and Central America. Thanks to the successful fulfillment of the goals proposed in each of the projects I have deployed, today I work as Consulting Manager. The ability and expertise of our team allows us to advise companies to make better use of their technological resources to achieve their business goals with the best technology and quality.

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